Technical translations
in the wind energy industry

Do you:

  • work in the wind energy industry?
  • manufacture wind turbines?
  • operate wind farms or wind turbines?
  • supply components such as rotor blades, towers, foundations or generators?
  • provide services to the wind energy industry?

Do you want:

  • to grow your business?
  • to tap into the German market?
  • to offer your products or services worldwide?
  • your customers to be satisfied in all respects?
  • your marketing material, website, technical documentation or maintenance instructions to be translated?

Do you need:

  • a German translator specialised in wind energy?
  • someone you can trust?
  • a technical translator who delivers high quality?
  • an expert who knows his craft?
  • a single contact person and translator for all your translation projects?

If so, you have come to the right place!

Wiebke Scheel

Wiebke Scheel, M.A.

Professional translator and subtitler

Language combinations: English and French into German (other language combinations on request)

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Wiebke Scheel, M.A.

Translator and Subtitler
English>German, French>German